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Are you pondering on whether you should apply for a credit card? Well, the answer quite simply is – ‘Yes’ – you should apply for a credit card (this is true for most people). The credit cards seem to have transformed our lives. In fact, one can term credit cards as a revolution. Today, you find ads in TV/newspapers/website/shops and almost anywhere and everywhere; all asking you to apply for a credit card. When you look around, you see that most people have credit cards. In fact, most people have multiple credit cards. Everyone seems to apply for a credit card. So, why should you apply for a credit card?

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Even in this day of websites, many customers want to look at
a brochure or other form of hard copy. It’s important
therefore that your brochure tells the customer all they
need to know.

*It can be handed to the customer or used for direct

*It gives the customer much more detail

*Confirms what you’ve discussed

*Gives your business credibility and status

*Can help break the ice before you meet the customer

The elements of a successful brochure:

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You’ve likely heard this before… “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Says who? I mean come on. If prevention was so popular why would we see so many “cures” being marketed. Why? Because of basic human nature that’s why.

We play the odds, we ‘wait and see’. We figure that if it breaks then we’ll fix it. Afterall, if it never breaks maybe the prevention was never required – who can tell…

Prevention is the smart thing to do – no doubt about it. But mankind is not all about making ‘smart moves’, we make decisions based on emotion, ego, and occasionally, sometimes logic.

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Most of us would like to be better communicators. As leaders, co-workers, team members and in all of the other roles we play both professionally and personally, we know that communication is a major key to success.

When we are frustrated or stymied by something, often better communication would have improved it.

Consider the new executive or manager who walks into their first meeting. Every movement is watched. Where they sit is analyzed. What they say is discussed later. Did they make declarative statements or ask questions? Did they smile? Were they quiet or too quiet? What about their tone of voice?

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Your business success depends on your ability to promote your services, your products, and yourself. Fortunately, promotion is simple. I know…you hate selling. “But, I’m not a born salesperson,” you say. “I don’t want to hustle people.” And, images of high-pressure, arm-twisting solicitors come to mind. But, that doesn’t have to be you. You’re not pushing your services/products onto others; people will buy them because they need them and because they have a relationship with you. It’s the personal connection you make with your prospects that will help them remember you, and like you.

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American driver spend on average about 15 hours in their car each and every week. With busy hectic schedules, our cars are quickly becoming our home on wheels, so it should be as no surprise that our cars can easily become infested with clutter. And just as we have a system in place at home, so should we in our car. An organized car keeps distractions at bay and essential items within easy reach.

Visor CD holders and passenger seat organizers are great items to have to keep your life in the front seat calm, cool and collected at all times. Each of these organizing tools keeps important items within easy reach, such as your water bottle, toll money, or map.

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Something the successful business person needs is – lots of Energy!
You need Brain Energy and you need Body Energy. However as with any other kind of energy, it’s constantly being drained away and needs replacing.

Dealing with people, your customers and your team, can both drain your brain and your body – and you probably don’t need me to tell you that.

Let’s look at Brain Energy – Imagine that you receive a letter from your bank manager saying – – “I need you to come in and see me.” If you react to that with – “Oh no! What does he want, what’s wrong now? Maybe he wants to recall my loan.” That sort of reaction drains your brain of energy and gives you stress.

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Let’s face it: at one point or another, we are all bound to procrastinate on something. Even the most efficient time-manager will have a bump in the road now and then. But what happens when procrastination becomes the norm instead of the exception? While Nike® tells us to “Just Do It,” what happens when we “Just Don’t!”

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“W” Is For Why Not

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A great life requires many skills, abilities and traits of personality – and one of them is the capacity for pure, spontaneous fun and enjoyment. The freedom and the ability to jump into whatever bit of play or discovery that presents itself to hand is a valuable coin that buys its bearer many wondrous adventures and experiences. And who knows? That next bit of harmless fun might just be the catalyst for your next great quest or provide some keen insight into your vision for the future.

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I’m sure you have a bright idea hidden somewhere in the back of your mind that you just can’t wait to test out. Of course you’re not the only one with the bright idea. So what motivates you to churn those creative, or even inspiring juices to its utmost flavor?

It’s always best to set up a personal goal where you can accomplish the most in record time, maybe like mowing the lawn in an hour before the big game on TV. A correct and positive attitude in whatever you do will make things easier, and even enjoyable.

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