Don’t Forget Grandmom – She’s An Earth Angel Too


Have you ever thought what you would do without your Grandmom ? She’s the one that always stands beside us and gives us the cookies on the side? She fills in when Mom can’t. She’s the one that will spoil us rotten given half a chance. God thought enough of us to give us three earthly Guardian Angels if we are lucky enough when we are born all three are living. So many times, we forget Grandmom on Mother’s Day.

I am following my guidance in the writing of this article because Grandmom’s need to be exalted…not forgotten. Remember what I stated previously… God loves us enough that we are personally given this earthly Guardian Angel. Think about this for a moment… allow the monumental impact of that statement to sink in and all that encompasses. The one person that will always love you no matter what. As we get older we don’t think we need Grandmom quite as much as we did before and we generally take her for granted … She will always be here? She’s behind the times. Maybe sitting in a nursing home hoping someone will remember she is there. Will they come today? Will they call today? Do I matter anymore? Is it any wonder our elderly suffer from so much depression?

Grandmom’s are still Mom’s… they have a son or a daughter that happens to be your Mother or Father… then they have a Grandson or a Granddaughter that happens to be you. You have always come first with her. The apple of her eye. The one she could do all the things with that she didn’t have time with your Father or Mother because she was busy raising them full time… She loves you with unconditional love… remember that.

So you may have let her down once or twice, did she let you know or just give you a hug and a kiss and look upon you with those loving eyes of her’s?

Mother’s day is coming up May 8th. and what will you do for your Grandmom ? Will you remember to pick up the telephone to make the long distance telephone call to Grandmom who is now in the nursing home or lives just around the block that you haven’t seen or talked to in several weeks? Maybe Granddad isn’t here anymore and she could be very lonely, no matter the conditions take the time to reach out. Grandmom won’t be here forever and there may not be many tomorrow’s so let her know she is loved.

Will you remember to order, purchase or make a special gift for her? To send her a Mother’s Day card that isn’t an e-mail? To get in the car and make the 3 hour trip to Grandmom’s to just let her know how special she is to you… loved, honored and respected…


God loves us enough that we are personally given an earthly Guardian Angel…


One of God’s greatest gifts to us.

Let you be the reason for the smile on her face and the glow in her heart… you remembered.

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