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MindMovies – It is time

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Just heard from Ryan at Mind Movies, and they are bracing for the crush this morning.

They have over 60,000 people pounding on the gates, and they already know they will very likely sell out, possibly in the
first day or two.

So, if you’ve been waiting for today as eagerly as I have, here’s what I recommend.

The Mind Movie Creation Kit goes live at 10 a.m. Pacific today, right here:

BUT…it might be best NOT to sit refreshing your screen 4,000 times trying to jam your way in. I’m not a techie, but very
complicated things can happen in cyberspace when you do that!

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Over the past several years, I’ve spoken with a small army of good people who are trying to figure things out. And the biggest obstacle to your forward progression is remarkably similar time and time again.

It’s not how to get a new job or pay off your bills.

It’s not how to decide where you’ll live or how to get a fancier car.

It’s how you THINK about your potential, possibilities, and even your value to the world.

Want to change how you think? Start with this…

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Law of Attraction Miracle

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If you’ve been struggling to try and turn your life around, and manifest what you REALLY want into your life at lightning speed, I urge you to watch this video.

As a matter of fact, do it even before you read the rest of this message. It’s right here:

Here’s the deal…

A few weeks ago a voice from the past caught me by surprise when my phone rang. It was my friend Jennifer, and it had
been at least a year since we’d talked.

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I’m not sure whether you were aware. But hundreds of people have already taken advantage of the special discount that we are currently holding.

If you were one of them, I’m sure you would find our products very useful in helping out various aspects of your life.

If you weren’t…then perhaps you were not informed.

To say Thank You to all our customers and supporters for the last few years since we started providing subliminal programs online. We are offering a 30% discount on all our products until the end of August. Yes that’s just 4 more days.

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Would you like to know what your IQ is? Want to improve it? What is IQ anyhow? The American Heritage Dictionary defines Intelligence Quotient as “The ratio of tested mental age to chronological age, usually expressed as a quotient multiplied by 100.” Basically, it’s a test of intelligence, with 100 as the average score. There are some problems with IQ tests however.

A recent IQ test asked which of four fruits was different. It was the one with more than one seed; but what if you were not familiar with these fruits? Obviously this test is culturally biased. You are assumed to have certain knowledge, yet you are being tested for intelligence, not knowledge.

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Thank you for being a valued subscriber of my list.As a bonus, here is an 89 page free ebook on numerous success techniques and principles to get the weath, success and happiness you truly desire.

Head on over to get it now:

and experience the wonderful free gift for yourself

Enjoy ; )

Yours Truly,
Greg Frost


Parable Of The Touchstone

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The Great Library of Alexandria once held the wisdom of the ancient world. When it burned down, billions of invaluable thoughts perished. One book, however, survived. Since it wasn’t considered a valuable book, a poor man bought it for a few coppers. He was not very literate and thought the book dull. The only thing of interest to him was a thin strip of vellum. Written on it was the secret known as the “Touchstone.”

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Memories Didn’t Happen

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Have you ever experienced a traumatic event? I’m sure the answer to that question is an unequivocal yes as it appears to be embedded in the nature of the reality that we exist in.

So having said that, if I ask you to focus on a particular memory of a traumatic event that you may have experienced, I think you will, without a doubt say that “it happened”. That is, the event you are currently recalling happened to you.

In other words, if I were to suggest to you that it “didn’t actually happen” to you, you would likely think me to be either obstreperous, crazy or both.

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One of the common elements you see in almost all successful people is focus. They saw what they wanted to achieve and they focused in on it like a laser. Then, when they become famous and we, the common folk, know their name, we are amazed at the focus they have.

Focus will set two people apart who have equal skills.

What I am about to say may appear to be blasphemous to some:
Tiger Woods is not that much more highly skilled than the other top PGA players!

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 From Making the Big Move: how to transform relocation into a creative life transition.

For a wilderness trek, you pack sunscreen, bandages, and insect repellent. When you relocate to a new home or a new job, you face loneliness and upheaval, not alligators or killer mosquitoes.

Here’s what to include in your emotional first aid kit.

Coping phrases for frazzled moments.

“There is time to do whatever I need.”

“I will always have options.”

“No matter what happens, I know I can cope.”

Phone numbers of friends and family who will laugh or cry with you.

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