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Here’s Part 2 if you’re in a hurry…

In his book ‘Power vs Force’, David Hawkins calibrates people’s
emotions from levels 20 up to 1000. 20 being Shame which is
perilously proximate to death. It’s destructive to emotional and
psychological health, and makes us prone to physical illness.

At the other end of the scale at 700- 1000 is enlightenment. This
is the level of the Great Ones such as Krishna, Buddha and Jesus.
It is the peak of the evolutionary consciousness in the human realm.

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma GandhiThis infamous quote has never taken on such a deep and profoud meaning. The world around us in a state of confusion and fear. Doomsayers are predicting the end of the world, but the truth is – the future is not yet written. We each have the power to create a magical life for ourselves…

…and as co creators of our world, we have the chance to create a better future for mankind.

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MindMovies – It is time

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Just heard from Ryan at Mind Movies, and they are bracing for the crush this morning.

They have over 60,000 people pounding on the gates, and they already know they will very likely sell out, possibly in the
first day or two.

So, if you’ve been waiting for today as eagerly as I have, here’s what I recommend.

The Mind Movie Creation Kit goes live at 10 a.m. Pacific today, right here:

BUT…it might be best NOT to sit refreshing your screen 4,000 times trying to jam your way in. I’m not a techie, but very
complicated things can happen in cyberspace when you do that!

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Think And Grow Rich

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3 days ago I shared with you a free report that unlocked the secret in Napoleon Hill’s classic bestseller “Think And Grow Rich”.

Have you taken a look at it yet?

It’s a short report and you shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes just to go through it. And by jolly I’m sure you will find the
information very fascinating.

So if you haven’t….download it at the below link.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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Oh my gosh , this is incredible…

I just saw this interview of a guy from Australia that could change the way you manifest anything you want into your life. You really do have to see this:

You see, he figured out this powerful way to tap into the Law of Attraction that practically guarantees you’ll get whatever you want.

And the surprising thing about it is it is SUPER easy to do, you can start doing it right now…and here’s the really cool

He’s GIVING it away! For FREE

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More Goodies For You…

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Thank you for being a valued subscriber of my list.As a bonus, here is an 89 page free ebook on numerous success techniques and principles to get the weath, success and happiness you truly desire.

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Reacting Vs Responding

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REACTING freezes your choices and shuts down your brain.
RESPONDING opens up your choices and jump starts your creativity.

REACTING creates more problems.
RESPONDING solves problems.

REACTING says things like “Why does this always happen to me?” “This is just not fair” or “This shouldn’t be happening!”
RESPONDING says “I don’t like what is happening, it’s really inconvenient, so how do we best deal with this?”

REACTING escalates an argument and leads to no solutions.
RESPONDING defuses an argument and sets the stage to seek solutions.

REACTING creates anger and distance in relationships.
RESPONDING creates connection and intimacy in relationships.

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When you map out what you want, you let go of the trivial tasks that clutter up your thoughts. When you focus on achieving a definite major purpose, your life will assume an energy and unity that will be exhilerating. Self-discipline will appear spontaneously.

You can prime your subconscious to tell you what you really want in your life.

Here are a seven questions you could ask yourself to be clear on your major definite purpose in life.

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I have just released another one of my big “shockers”…

–> My Secret to attaining that amazing memory much envied by everyone

I’m not one to brag and I just thought I’ll let you know that I he used to have a poor memory and was having problems with my daily life. But I was able to overcome this “handicap” to attain an amazing memory that helped me to achieve much success in life.

I managed to do this because I discovered something NO other success person ever wants you to find out about!

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