Table Topics (Ideas For Family Time)


This fun and simple game gave a breath of life and run into the family dinner hour. My nine-year-old daughter started a dinner-time tradition a couple of years ago. I am sure the idea originated because she wanted to be more involved in our adult conversation. Samantha calls her creation, “The Topic Game. ”

Here’s how it works: Samantha selects a topic question and then we all answer the question. Then we rotate around the table, each suggesting a topic for the answering. This game has led to creative conversations, discovery about one another, and more than a few sessions of hysterical laughter! Just last night we covered, Most embarrassing moment, Favorite grade in school, Weirdest dream, and If you could only take 3 things to a tropical island for 3 months (and they had to fit in a suitcase) what would you take? (My daughter chose a car door —so if it was hot, she could roll down the window!)

For one month try integrating Table Topics into your family dinner and enjoy your discoveries of one another.

We have also enjoyed rounds of 20 questions, sharing discoveries about our days, listing things for which we are grateful and many other creative ideas. The Table Topics game has far become a family favorite.

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