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Hair loss is normally seen as a ‘guy’s issue’ as it is quite a common sight to see bald men or men with receding hairline. However, what many people don’t realize (or rather, what many women manage to hide) is that hair loss in women is just as common. Moreover, it is more devastating for the woman when it does happen. This is because women see their hair as the main part of their beauty, it is something that most women take pride in and thus, the psychological impact of hair loss in women is much greater than in men. The good thing about hair loss in women is that it normally does not result in total hair loss unlike the male counterparts.

There are many reasons for hair loss in women. Hereditary could be one of the reasons, though it is very rare in females. One more common cause is due to pregnancy. Women are notice that they tend to lose hair about 3 months after they have given birth. This is due to a sudden decrease in hormones. During pregnancy, the female body contains high levels of certain hormones which keep hair that would normally fall out. Thus, when the hormone level returns to normal, the sudden drop in hormones causes the hair to fall out.

The treatment for hair loss differs for males and females because some of these treatments cause hair growth on other parts of the body. Thus, for females, many doctors prescribe treatments of estrogen, though there are no proven studies that show a lack of estrogen does lead to hair loss in women.

Androgenic alopecia is a condition that affects about 2% of the population, resulting in total hair loss all over the body. There is no cure for hair loss in women or men who have this condition, but doctors can prescribe treatments to help lessen the symptoms. Some of these hair loss treatments for women include glucocorticoids, topical treatments, of which Minoxodil is the only one recommended for women, or anthralin. Mild cases of hair loss in women respond better to these treatments than more severe cases.

Patterns of hair loss in women are different than in men. Rather than experiencing total hair loss, women usually have small patches of baldness and the hair thins only in those areas. Such things as severe stress, an illness or even surgery can cause sudden hair loss in women.

When a woman consults her doctor about a hair loss problem, the doctor will look for the root causes. Once the cause is identified then he/she will be able to prescribe the proper hair loss treatment for women.

Hair loss in women is more common than you may realize, but can often be treated.

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