Saying Goodbye To Wood Shutters


The traditional wooden shutter is normally made
from wood, needs quite a bit of maintenance, and
looks as if it was right out of an episode of
an old comedy. These shutters have been around
since the Colonial Times, and are quite a bit
old. Most people never close them, yet the
hinges still need to be shined and oiled.

These days, it may be the time to get rid of
the traditional wood shutters on your home and
go with a more modern choice such as aluminum
window shutters, as they resist the elements
and never close. This will help cut down on
your replacement and maintenance costs for
keeping the exterior of your home looking the
way it should.

Below, you’ll find several different types of
shutters offered today.

Vinyl window shutters
Vinyl shutters are easy to clean, very affordable,
and last around forty years. They will give
your home a traditional look without the need
for replacing them on a regular basis. They
weigh a little of nothing and are available in
traditional, louvered, board, and even batten
panel styles. To make things better, they
will arrive primed and ready to paint any color
you wish.

Composite window shutters
These types of shutters resemble a thick particle
board that is made from a collaboration of
weather and rot resistant material. They are
made from molds that offer many different
styles that include the louvered, board, batten,
and even raised panel styles. You can also
find these shutter types in a cupboard style
which is hinged at the top so you can open
and close them like the old fashioned wood
shutters of the past.

Fiberglass shutters
Fiberglass is the most expensive type of
shutter although they will last around 20 years
or so. They are molded as well and offered
in a variety of designs that include Bahama,
louvered, board and battened, and even raised
panel styles.

Fiberglass shutters are also stronger and
more secure than other types and can also be
used to protect your windows during storms and

Aluminum shutters
Aluminum style shutters are offered in a
variety of styles that include the faux colonial
louvered style and Bahama style. These shutters
are strong and offer great protection for your
windows, and come in thousands of different
colors and textures. The only bad thing about
aluminum shutters, is the fact that most
companies will only offer a warranty of around
three years.

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