Synchronicity: the coincidence of events that seem related but are not obviously caused one by the other (Encarta Concise English Dictionary)

All of us from time to time experience events that happen in our lives that seem to lead from one step to another to bring a result to our attention or an experience that we may desire. In fact all the circumstances in our lives are like that. If we can openly look back at any event in our lives we can pick out the steps that led us to the result. Some of them are very obvious while they are happening and we come away shaking our heads and thinking what a coincidence, or what good or bad luck it was.

The other day on my job I had another such occurrence.

I am employed as a heating inspector, and it is my job to visit homes and inspect heating systems and give advice. I receive a name and address from the office after each of my calls and I call in after each visit for another one.

It was the last day of June and the last day of my pay period and after my first call of the day I was thinking that I really needed to have a good sale to bring my totals up for the pay period. Normally this brings urgency into the sales process and I get anxious and often this is felt by my customers and I do not make sales. I try not to let these thoughts enter my mind, and when they do I just let them pass so they do not interfere with the process.

I called in on my cell phone and received my next call, writing it down on my inspection report while I was driving.

I stopped in front of the address at 3822 and made my way to the house. After knocking at the door, a frail old lady greeted me and I said “Hi Mrs Jones, I’m Roy from ABC Company. She replied by saying that her name was not Mrs Jones and that Mrs Jones lived next door. I checked the address given me and it was correct, I apologized and explained who I was and what I was here for. This is something I would normally not do and I would apologize and leave. I don’t know why I went into an explanation with the customer this time.

The lady introduced herself as Mrs Smith and told me with some bewilderment that she had the phone book open and was looking up our number when I knocked at the door. This has happened to me before, where a customer was just thinking about calling and I appeared at the door. I take notice of these calls as they always stand out in my day.

I offered to come in and do the inspection for her thinking that it would not take very long. We had been to her house and done the work for her exactly one year ago and it was due again. Mrs Smith and I went to her kitchen table to write up the work order. My habit is to learn a bit about my customers and I asked her a few questions. I told her that I was a published author and her face lit up immediately with astonishment. She replied that she was an author and had just finished her first book. She told me that she didn’t know what to do now that it was finished.

My mind started wondering for a second as I asked myself why am I here and what a coincidence that I had all the information that she needed, when she needed it? I gave her the information and we talked for awhile. I left with the sale that I needed and Mrs. Smith had the information that she needed.

I almost forgot to go next door and do my scheduled call. There was no answer when I knocked on the door, so I went back to my car. As I sat in the car waiting for my next call I had another close look at the address, the address was in fact 3828, and the last number was a poorly printed eight that I mistook for a two.

There are so many points to this story that clearly show me that both Mrs Smith and I, at some level of consciousness collaborated to create the events of our meeting. I don’t believe in chance or coincidence.

” I was one of three inspectors working in that neighbourhood that morning.

” Calls are given out randomly to the inspectors and I received this particular call.

” I wrote down the correct address, but didn’t read it correctly.

” I knocked at the incorrect house.

” I explained who I was and why I was there after my apology (not procedure) I usually leave after I realize this kind of mistake.

” Mrs Smith said that she was just looking up our phone number.

” Work was due in June; it was the last day of June that I knocked on her door.

” I sold the work that I needed for the day bringing up my totals for the period.

” Mrs Smith announced she was a writer and had finished her book.

” Mrs Smith needed information about publishing that I had and gave her.

” The neighbour was not home after I left Mrs Smith’s home.

” The next day I found out the neighbour had electric heat and there was nothing I could inspect for her. It was a wasted call.

All of these elements worked together perfectly to produce a desired result. I had a need to create just one good sale for the day and a person that was not my scheduled customer brought me to her so that she could receive the information that she needed to have her book published. At some level of communication or consciousness we both worked together in the right time and space to bring a desired result. Everything was perfectly synchronized and orchestrated for things to happen in an order that would produce the results that we both desired. This is not change or luck; it was done by design at a subconscious level.

The issue that I have with that luck is that it removes the power from both parties to create something that is desirable and puts it squarely on an external force for resolution.

I believe that all of us have the power to create on demand what it is that we desire and we loose that ability to create or even have choice when we give our power away. We become pawns in a game that we have little control of, or free will to participate in.

If I did not take responsibility for the circumstances of the story above, I would have no power to do it again when I needed to, and it would simply be another random act of coincidence, which denies any “free will,” I thought I may have.

I believe these things are purpose driven and acted upon in good faith with other souls. I believe that they are deliberate and congruent with desire.

Successful people never rely on luck or chance; they create the circumstances that bring them what they desire. What may seem like failures in their lives are understood by them as steps towards a positive end.

In correcting the destructive thoughts you create with accepting luck, chance and disempowerment, are these two good words to know and understand, and they are “synchronicity,” and “synergy!”

Over the course of time we hear the words “luck,” and “chance,” and we accept them as truths that govern the circumstances of our life. Acceptance is always a choice and if you are willing to accept the limitations of luck and chance then you will always be surprised by the things that happen in your life.

If you live your life purposefully then you will “expect,” these things to happen and you will not be surprised.

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