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When you are trying to relieve some stress in your life, activities like exercising, yoga, and writing in your diary would come to your mind. However, have you ever thought about keeping a pet to reduce stress in your life? Humans indeed can offer support and comfort but one should not rule out keeping pets at home as they are also another source of social support. Added to the fact that keeping pets have will bring about certain health benefits to your life, you should definitely consider keeping one (that is IF you like having pets around AND that you have the time to raise one).

When I say pets, I don’t only mean cats and dogs but any kind of pets. They can be fishes, birds, terrapins or any other creature, as long that animal is of interest to you. Though, it is important to choose a pet that suits your temperament, living environment, and lifestyle. For example, if you’re living in a small studio apartment, it may not be wise to raise a Golden Retriever (a type of dog) as they need plenty of space to run around. So before deciding on what kind of pet to keep, make sure you do the proper research on whether it will be suitable for you to cohabit with the pet, if not this can cause additional stress to your life.

So here are a few ways in which having pets in your life can benefit you greatly!

1. Pets can help you reduce stress

Pet are great stress relievers and sometimes even better so than people. Research shows that people doing a stressful task while with their pets around actually experience less stressful moments then doing it with another person around. This may be because of the fact that pet can’t judge us. Thus we will be able to complete the task more smoothly.

2. Pets can help you socialize more

Keeping pets is a very enriching experience. It is also a great way to start a conversation with anyone, especially if the other person keeps similar pets as you. Moreover, if you have dog and take it out for a walk, it goes the impression that you are more approachable and more often than not, people will find reasons to stop and talk to you. This way, your network of friends increases.

3. Pets can make you feel emotionally better

If you simply adore animals, then nothing is more heartwarming to have your pet by your side while you sulk. The sight of their innocent puppy eyes or the touch of their silk-like fur seems to brighten up your life. Studies have shown the mood-enhancing advantages of keeping pets as men with AIDS are less likely to suffer from depression if they owned a pet. On the other hand, those that do not keep pets are THREE times more likely to show symptoms of depression. Therefore, if you know someone that is ill and loves animals, try bringing a pet around and see whether it will lighten their moods.

So if you love animals but don’t own any yet, give this one a shot! They will definitely change your life for the better. But remember to research on what kind of pets you can keep in your household first and if you can keep one, I say why not!

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