How To Give Great Gifts


I truly think gift giving is an art form. I also think that I have gotten it
down to a science. Most of the time when I have the opportunity to give a gift,
I already know the person well enough to know exactly what to give them.
However, what do you do when you have no clue what to give that person, like when you are going to the wedding of two people who are upwardly mobile and seem to already have everything? Here are some suggestions for you.

Find out if that person is a part of a fraternity or a sorority. If they are,
then find out about the fraternity or sorority. Most of them will have special
colors or animals that are associated with them. You can’t go wrong if you get
them something that is associated with their fraternity or sorority.

Think about what they do for a living and get them something that they can use on a day-to-day basis. For example when my friend graduated from law school, I got him a mug that pictured some men wearing his fraternity’s colors. The mug also came with some highlighters. Judging from the reaction that I got from him, that was the perfect thing to get him.Another example of a good gift is something that I saw at a bridal shower that I recently attended. The gift was some stamps and some thank you cards. Pretty clever.

Giving great gifts doesn’t have to be that hard or that expensive. You just have to use that brain of yours to come up with something that the other person will enjoy and not wind up standing in a long “customer no service” line trying to return or exchange. One final suggestion. Don’t even bother with clothes unless you know the person’s exact size and taste.

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