Reach Your Goals – Have a therapeutic meltdown


It’s crunch time: you’re two days behind and the deadline’s looming, your dog just ate your last clean hard copy of that oh-so-vital data and the helpful people at your computer company’s customer service seem to have left the building – while you’re stuck on hold looking at the “blue screen of death.” Time to lose it – constructively.

Get up and stomp and rant. Make it good, using up all those swear words you swore you’d save for a real emergency. Throw a few choice breakables (NOT the Ming vase – keep a box of rummage-sale crockery on hand for just such emergencies). Once you’ve gotten the hateful-nasties out, huddle up on the couch with a blanket and a beer or a cup of tea, depending on your tastes, and concoct a fantasy nightmare of increasingly worse case scenarios until the stakes and consequences are so high you can’t help but giggle. That’s your cue that it’s working.

Once you’ve gotten to that stage, rank your scenarios according to their likely existence in the real world, design a few really solid plans for dealing with the most nightmarish projections, and then go to bed (no one will turn you in if you take a medicinal glass of wine with you). You’ll wake up the next day rested, detoxified of all those negative energies that had been building up over the past few days, and totally prepared for the worst that can possibly happen. Anything less will be a breeze.

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