Staying Motivated All The Way!


You’ve read a book that motivates you to action;
you’ve read a motivational quote and got pumped up;
you’ve attended a seminar and listened to a motivational
speaker and feel you can conquer the world.

A week later the motivation is no longer there.
If it is still there, it is not as powerful or as strong
as it felt while you were listening or reading the message.

You must train yourself to hold on to the motivation.

Let me tell you about Keshia.

Keshia had attended the “How to Discover God’s Purpose for Your Life” seminar presented by the world-famous, motivational speaker and trainer extraordinaire, Dawn Fields (ha ha, how do you like that introduction. Big-Up to me!)

After the event ended, Keshia was pumped. She was excited.
She was on a mission to determine her God-given talents and
apply them to her life. She sure hated working as a waitress
and knew she had more to offer the world, to herself and to
her family.

Keshia made up her mind that she was going to
stay motivated no matter what happened. She had
a strong desire to change her life.

She went home and wrote out her goals on a piece
of notebook paper and posted it on the refrigerator.

After giving it some thought, she decided to make
several copies of her goals. In addition to the copy
posted on the refrigerator. She posted one on the
head of her bed. She posted one on the wall next
to the mirror in the bathroom. One was posted on
the front door of her apartment. Another was posted
on the inside of her closet door, right above the mirror.

Keshia figured this would be a great way to always be
mindful of her goals. No matter where she turned, she
would have a reminder. She even posted one at her station
at work.

Spending a lot of time in the car between school and work,
Keshia decided to purchase motivational tapes and CD’s to
play in her car. Why waste time listening to music of other
people who are living their life’s purpose when she could be
doing something to help her discover and live her God-given

Whenever Keshia had a free second, she would daydream about
herself living the life she was meant to live. She would visualize it so clear and so precise that she could feel it.

Almost immediately after putting this into practice,
Keshia started seeing results. She thanked God every
chance she got. She thanked him for the immediate changes.
She thanked him for the changes she knew were about to
happen but hadn’t happened yet. She thanked him because
she knew within her heart that they were going to happen.

Keshia has trained herself to stay motivated. I’m willing to bet
the farm that Keshia will be living her life’s purpose in a
little no time.

Let’s look at what Keshia did to stay motivated.

1. Desire – She had a desire to stay motivated. You must have
a strong desire, a burning desire, in order to stay motivated.
You must have a reason to hold on to your motivation.
Otherwise, if the desire isn’t strong enough, the motivation won’t last

2. Plan – She had an exact plan and wrote down her goals.
You must have an exact plan. It should be written out, something
you can look at and go back to from time to time.

3. Making her dream visual – She put up reminders to make her
goals purposeful and made it so she was always mindful of them.
You must constantly surround yourself with reminders to help you
stay focused.

4. Constantly thinking of her purpose. She changed her habits and started focusing full-time on her goals. You must change your habits from spending your free time watching television, listening to the radio or reading a novel, to thinking constantly and working constantly on your goals.

5. She repeatedly thanked God for his blessings she has received
and for those she knows she is about to receive. Have blind faith in the Lord that he will send you your blessings. He wants it for you just as much as you want it for yourself. Don’t ever forget to thank him. You can’t thank him enough.

Use the same strategy Keshia applied, and in no time, you too will be living the life God intended for you to live.

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