“W” Is For Why Not


A great life requires many skills, abilities and traits of personality – and one of them is the capacity for pure, spontaneous fun and enjoyment. The freedom and the ability to jump into whatever bit of play or discovery that presents itself to hand is a valuable coin that buys its bearer many wondrous adventures and experiences. And who knows? That next bit of harmless fun might just be the catalyst for your next great quest or provide some keen insight into your vision for the future.

Cultivating a “why not?” personality can be tricky if you’re not the spur-of-the-moment type. It can be easy to hold fast to the security of allowing yourself only activities that have been pre-planned, pre-examined and pre-vetted for safety, productivity and risk-reduction. But where is the fun in that? And life is meant to include its fair share of fun, make no mistake about it. Living a great life means taking every opportunity to indulge in play every chance you can – indeed, most truly great people make a point of arranging their lives around their fun, rather than the other way around.

Of course, “why not?” doesn’t apply just to opportunities for fun and play. Why not learn a new skill? Why not try a new style of dressing or carrying yourself? Why not explore a new technique or way of doing things? In other words, why stop growing at any point when you could be constantly on the lookout for new, exciting and possibly life-altering additions to the life you already live? Why not grow?

Are you open to the spontaneous and playful opportunities in your life, or do you close yourself off from unplanned adventure? Are you willing to introduce more fun into your life? Of course, we all have plans that we choose to pursue and goals that we want to meet. But as in every journey in life, if we allow ourselves the freedom to dally here and there on the way we often discover that it was the side trips and roadside sights that were more fun than the destination itself!

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